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The Amazon In Us

In Peru, natives are one with nature

In Peru, Amazon Tribes have experienced massive plunder of their land for carbon.  The creation of Cordillera Azul National Park and the resulting carbon offset scheme turned Amazon Tribes into trespassers on their ancestral land.  


Native activists explained that the core conflict is that native communities see themselves as a part of the forest, and western conservation models do not.  In their hearts and in reality, natives are fighting for the survival of human life on the planet by protecting the rights of nature.  With the Peruvian Amazon is at the tipping point most believe it is their sacred duty to protect it at all costs.  


“They are like our brothers - the trees, the animals, the water. The only difference is they have no voice.”    

This collage series, created from a combination of documentary images of the land and the people, aims to show the beauty and struggle for the future of all life.


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