About Sarah

Multimedia storyteller Sarah Fretwell looks deeper into the intersection of the environment, people, and business with one question: “What if the new bottom line was love?

Her award-winning work explores the lives of everyday people with extraordinary stories and creates the human connection that engages people on a personal level. Her work offers individuals a voice for justice, insight for solutions, and the human connection needed for international engagement. Some of her notable work and clients include the United Nations, USAID, The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, and Tara Expeditions Foundation.

She loves collaboration, working as a team, creating compelling stories, and living outside of the box. Some of her favorite past times include sipping on farmers market green juice, spiking her espresso with superfoods, surfing in Papua New Guinea, hitchhiking through remote jungles of Indonesia, biking Gibraltar peak in Santa Barbara, visiting with Syrian Refugee families in Southern Turkey, and road tripping through Banff Canada.

To learn more about Sarah and what drives her passion for this work watch her 

TEDx Talk

Sarah during her embed with the military police during their training at 29 Palms.