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The Hawaii Indonesia Experience - Partnering for Success

The Hawaii Indonesia Experience - Partnering for Success


How Utilities Can Partner Internationally to Support Renewable Energy Expansion

For utilities around the globe grappling with the unique challenges of bringing additional 

renewable energy into the electric grid, nothing beats learning from the first-hand experiences of those who have already made the transition.

USAID’s Energy Utility Partnership Program (EUPP) supports technical exchanges between utilities in the United States and counterparts in emerging markets. Through the EUPP, Indonesian government officials, engineers, and grid operators have learned first-hand the changes and innovations pioneered by Hawaii Electric Utility in its drive to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

USAID Clean Energy  

Hawaii - A Renewable Energy Pioneer  

Lessons learned for utilities around the globe.


Advances in technology have made solar photovoltaic and wind power the most logical and cost-effective energy options for many communities around the world. Pioneers like Hawaii have proven that renewables can replace fossil fuels as base load power, and in the process, they’ve discovered that the transition to renewables requires a fundamental shift in the way they do business. Utilities around the globe can learn important lessons from Hawaii’s shift away from traditional fossil fuel imports.