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USAID Clean Energy

USAID helps countries spur clean energy growth and attract investment in renewable resources, such as wind and solar.  Clean energy can curb climate pollution, improve local air quality, increase energy access and security, and even lower energy costs and spur economic growth.   USAID helps countries create policy environments that attract sustained private investment in clean energy.


This project was produced with a crew of 3 over 10 days in Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island as Indonesian delegates experienced first hand an island state powered by 50% renewable energy.  The final project is 6 short videos, still images, text, and layout design using Exposure Blog format.  


To view the three stories with text, video, and stills click here The Hawaii - Indonesia Experience, A Renewable Energy Pioneer, and A Renewable Energy Revolution .  Use the grey scroll bar to the right of the image below to see the final project layout.

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